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Checking the boxes to prep your home for sale. 

Create your Team. 

Connect with those that will be a large part of your transaction. Find your Speek agent. If you are buying again, find your insurance, mortgage, and banking professionals. They will help complete your transaction. We have an extensive network of the best professionals. We would be happy to connect you.

Collect Everything You Need to Sell

There are a variety of documents that we will need to put your home on the market. You will have to fill out a few disclosures about your home before putting it on the market. Having details like HOA fees, your home’s fuel source, and flood zone information, for example, are all great to have in advance.

Complete Renovations? 

Renovations might not be worth it. Frequently, we find renovations are better left undone, so the new homeowners can make their home exactly what they want. However, doing some smaller touch-ups, a fresh coat of paint or new carpets can make a large difference. 


Create stunning Impressions. 

First impressions are everything. A deep cleaning partnered with some decluttering can completely change the perception of your home. 

Moving Forward.

Start preparing yourself for your move. If moving locally, set yourself up on a custom home search, get pre-qualified, and start looking for your new home. 

Relax. We got It. 

Sit back and relax. We will get our media team to photo, film, and digitally design your home to perfection. You might be surprised by the amount of traffic coming in or how quickly your home sells. This is the Speek way.


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