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Innovative solutions create extraordinary results. Selling your home with Speek is not going to be ordinary, but neither will the results. 


We start by creating a marketing plan to sell your home. From photo, video, custom personal websites, social ads, 3D Tours, staging, prints, and so on, we want your home to catch eyes.


Data-driven decisions steer the fluid marketing plan we have for your home. Frequent communication allows you to know exactly how everything is going.  

If you are considering selling your home or want an estimate of how much your home would sell for, we would love to SPEEK. 


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Case Study: 4610 Cherryhill Ln

We give our agents the best resources so they can go above and beyond for their clients. 

Let's view the full marketing package.

3D Tour

One of the best tools in our toolbelt is our 3D tours. With every single listing, we shoot a 3D tour. 

This allows our agents to advertise to those that are relocating. Unlocking a completely new base of clients that sellers would have not had access to before. 

3D tours also laser measure the home, custom curating floorplans that agents can create marketing materials from. 


The SNEEK PEEK signature series is an agent and client favorite. 

4610 Cherryhill Ln got a SNEEK PEEK filmed and this was utilized across a variety of platforms to advertise the home.

Not only is this an excellent way to show how the home flows, it allows potential buyers to connect with the listing agent. 




Virtual Staging

Staging can be expensive, labor-intensive, and destructive. It is an excellent resource for those that want the best of the best, however virtual staging is a viable option. 

Virtual staging can bring a room to life that might otherwise be hard to visualize its use. 

Our Media Team can create stunning furnished rooms from the comfort of their office, without having to pick up any couches. 


Every single one of our listings gets their own custom website page on SPEEK's website. 

In addition, we make sure each of our brokers has their own custom website where they can create listing pages as well. 

This allows us to connect with those that are interested in your home without being there in person. 

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Our Success Team partners with our agents to assure that they are putting their best foot forward when it comes to marketing and advertising. 

No two homes are the same. This means that the marketing plan for each home should not be the same. 

We custom curate marketing plans to include print marketing, digital marketing, and other forms of advertising. We give our agents the best so they can give their clients the best. 

Download our Seller Resources

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What happens when you list with SPEEK

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Featured Transaction

356 Baltimore Trails Ln, Advance NC 

This transaction is a testimony to everything we are doing at SPEEK. Here’s why:


  • 356 Baltimore Trails Ln was previously listed for $995,000. It stayed on the market for 433 days. It went unsold.

  • We listed the home for $1,099,990. It went under contract in 117 days.

  • We made them an extra $104,990 and saved them almost 10 months. Here’s how we did it:

Featured Listings

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