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Why Thursday is The Best Day to List a Home

Real estate agents have a lot on their plate. Having a quick checklist of things that they can do to put their best foot forward is essential. However, even after all the photos are taken, the videos are shot, and the marketing materials are designed, there are a few secret tips that you can do to put your best foot forward.

If applicable, list your client's home on Thursday. Zillow states "homes listed on a Thursday typically go pending days faster than homes listed on any other day of the week". This allows you to have a full weekend for events, and it takes advantage of alerting those that have saved searches on platforms like Zillow & Realtor.

How to Perfectly Prep & List a Home

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (Prior to Listing)

  • Photos, Videos, 3D tours

  • Prep MLS

  • Social Ads & Posts

  • Contact Brokers (transition to Friday)

The week leading up to listing, you should spend some time working towards getting everything ready to go. The first things you need to do are take care of photos, videos, and 3D tours. SPEEK's media team includes this for free to our agents at every listing. Once you have all of your materials, it is time to prep your MLS. Write a strong MLS description that can help potential buyers visualize their life in the home. Remember, facts tell, stories sell. Buyers can see all of the numbers right above the description. Trust us, not every home is charming - let's choose some better vocab. Our MLS description is ready to go, now we need to upload our photos. If needed, remember to have your photos virtually staged. Add your 3D tour link, and then you are ready to go.

Before we are ready to submit our listing, there is still plenty to do. This is where we start to differentiate ourselves as agents. We need to create our social media advertisements for the listing. Just listed advertisements work excellent for getting the word out and scheduling appointments. In addition, it is time to start planning our events. If allowed, we want to get as many people into the home via broker opens and open houses. Call or email brokers that have sold comparable homes and homes in the area to invite them.


Turn on all of your social ads, submit your listing in the MLS, and continue to invite brokers to the broker open Friday. If you are going to do open houses Saturday & Sunday, make sure to input them in the MLS right after you submit. You will want potential buyers to see the open house is scheduled and encourage them to stop by.


It is time to host our broker open. You can choose whether you want to do morning, afternoon, or night. However, no matter the time you need to make sure that you schedule that block in ShowingTime. We do not want any appointments during that time.

You do not need to do anything extraordinary. Simple coffee and cookies, wine and cheese, or any other simple food and drink pairing will do. Make sure to have your marketing materials ready for brokers to take to their clients. Be prepared to answer more technical questions and print off some of the disclosures for the brokers to reference.

Saturday & Sunday

Open house days are here. Since we already prepped for our brokers open, we know exactly what to do. Depending on how much traffic you are going to have, you will want to have some more brokers from your office or team come along. Here are some more tips on how to host a successful open house.

Now we know a lot more than just to list on Thursday. Putting our best foot forward is making sure that we take all of these steps for our sellers. That is how we can guarantee a good amount of referrals in the future. That is the ultimate goal.


Want to discuss your goals with a Success Team Member? Book a Free 30 minute consultation to talk about how you can put these steps immediately into action.

Looking for lead generation strategies? Read our Ultimate Lead Generation Handbook here.

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