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Who are We? What do we do?

Hello all! My name is Will Hedrick. I am the Founder & CEO of SPEEK. I have been a real estate broker for two years. I have been fortunate to spend the last years selling the best properties around the Triad and creating quite a footprint. I got started in real estate because it was an easy introduction into the world of entrepreneurship, but little did I know I would fall in love with the brokerage world. Soon into my two years, I knew I wanted to change how the industry operates. Just a year and a half later, SPEEK was born.

SPEEK is on a mission to provide quality agents with the best tools, connections, and creative freedom, while consistently innovating to create the future of real estate. We do this through our in-house teams and other resources we give to our agents.


SPEEK is much different than other firms. We recognize that our customers are our agents, not the home buyer and seller. Because of this, we invest as much time, effort, and capital as we can back into our agents where other brokerages pocket it. Our primary investment into our agents are our three teams:


The Media Team is our division of creatives. We have videographers and photographers that assist our agents in creating media. We believe that the agent brand is superior to our brand. No one buys a home from a real estate brokerage, they buy a home from their agent. Buyers and sellers want to connect with their agents and learn more about them. Think of million-dollar listing, selling sunset, and more - they have media teams following them around daily, our agents deserve the same. Maybe one day we can give them a TV series.

SPEEK Success

Our Success Team is dedicated to helping agents understand and grow the business aspect of their real estate endeavors. We understand that our agents might not all have an intensive business background - that is where the success team steps in. Marketing campaigns, branding, positioning, lead generation, and plenty more is where the success team is here to serve. In addition to helping your real estate business, our success team is here to help with any other endeavors that our agents might have. From another business endeavor to partnering with a charity, they have done it all.

SPEEK Solutions

Paperwork is something that agents should not have to worry about. Our solutions team is here to take that weight off of their shoulders. Transaction coordinators team up with our agents to help them streamline the process of getting their paperwork complete. In addition, we are developing a revolutionary platform for our agents where they will have access to a custom CRM, graphic design tools, marketing insights, and more.


The future of SPEEK is going to be dedicated to constant innovation. We want to give our agents exactly what they want to better their business. That is why we are so excited to have our first agents as they are completely steering and helping guide the company towards bettering agents' lives and businesses.

Outside of real estate brokerage, we have big plans. We have launched our first subsidiary, brokers. (Hyperlink). Brokers. Is an education platform to help agents better themselves and their business for free via a newsletter. The next companies we hope to launch are in the charity and financing spaces. We believe that philanthropy is a staple to living a fulfilling life and we want to give back to our communities as much as we can. For the financing world, we hope to give mortgage brokers the same opportunities we are giving our real estate agents to brand themselves and help expand their businesses.


If you are interested in learning more about SPEEK, read the rest of our introduction series blogs. There you can learn about the specific such as:

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  • What is the Onboarding process like?

  • Who are we looking to hire?

  • And more!

If you are interested in joining SPEEK. Click here to reach out to Will and he will send further instructions on the interviewing process.

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