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What should Real Estate Agents post on Social Media?

Social media usage is one of the biggest online activities in the world. As of 2020, there are approximately 223 million social media users in the U.S. alone. The whole point of using social media is connecting people online, making it a perfect medium for realtors who want to grow their business, promote their brand, and build an online community.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your customers on an intimate level, but the real roadblock is how to hit the bull in the eye. If are feeling like you need to post on your real estate social media page, then you need some fresh and effective social media ideas. Here is a list of some of the most practical social media ideas to grow your real estate business.

1. Giveaways/Contests

Free stuff: that’s what fascinates online consumers the most. By scheduling a regular/weekly contest for your loyal followers, your real estate brand can get a lot of attention. While doing so, make sure to follow the platform’s rules for contests and giveaways. Let more and more people qualify for the prize, and don’t forget to post a picture of the winner.

2. Interviews

Interviews are an interesting social media post because they share stories, add value to customers, and cross-promote to another audience. As a real estate agent, you can interview colleagues, mortgage brokers, builders, or local business owners. Update the highlights, key phrases, and the most engaging part of the interview. It would be better if you could upload the raw footage of the interview. Whatever you do, just keep it straight and not so “about yourself”.

3. Client Testimonials

Because you can’t brag about yourself, let others do it for you. Build trust with your previous and existing clients and post their feedback about your real estate transactions. Allow them to shout out loud about how cool you are as a real estate professional. Posting an entire testimonial is pointless, so just pick a line or two and link it to the full post. In addition, create an appealing graphic with the client’s name on it and tag him/her.

4. Funny Posts

If you can’t convince them, amuse them. Real estate posts don’t have to sound boring, so add some humor to them. For instance, you can include some memes and use relevant funny photos. These posts can be as simple as a photo of a dog or a funny experience during your recent holiday. The goal is to get attention, increase engagement, and remind people that real estate stuff can be funny.

5. Questions and Answers

Answering questions means directly addressing the topics that your audience is interested in. When you do it right, you are never going to run out of content. Think about the latest or hottest topics your audience might want to know. For example, you can answer when is the best time to sell homes, how to add more value to a property, and what are the latest real estate market updates. Answering such questions through your social media would be engaging and rewarding. Facebook Live or Instagram Stories are great for running question and answer sessions for your real estate business.

6. Expert Advice

Answering questions is good, but sometimes the audience doesn’t know what they need. Think about your last property investor. Did you give him/her any advice? If yes, what was it? For instance, you might have advised a home seller to make some small renovations to add value to the property. Whatever advice you have in your mind, they make good content for your social media posts.

7. Housing Market Information

Your brand trust leads to successful transactions. To establish it, you need to show people that you care for them. Consider uploading pertinent information about your local real estate market and avoid too much jargon. Link the post to the original source and briefly explain thefigures or stats included. Also, focus on using less text and more visual elements.

8. Interior Design Ideas

Interior design tips and do-it-yourself for beginners are helpful topics for any real estate agent. These ideas can boost viewer engagement and help people spice up their homes. Choose Pinterest, Instagram, or Unsplash to share interior styling pics. Remember to tag the author in the caption.

9. Market Listing

You’ll never know who’s going to be your next customer, so update your social media with new market listings and bring some hype to your new properties. Include important details about the house and add a link to the website listing. You can also share a competitor’s listing that you really like, to help your clients.

10. Don’t Miss Important Holidays

Most companies create holiday messages. Well, why not? After all, holidays are important to different people. Take them above the notch by posting a high-quality graphic that makes people think. You can also post a fun fact related to that holiday – something that people may not know. Make sure the post has some message and reflects your personal story.

Bonus Ideas

• Create posts about your personal life and let people get to know you. Talk about your hobbies, family, and interests in them.

• Show what is actually happening during your property tours with behind the scenes. Encourage potential customers to ask for additional information.

• If you’ve got any videos, blogs, or newsletters, just recycle them into little snippets and post them on social media.

• Whether you have someone’s birthday in your office or a new team member to join you, give them some spotlight with social media posts.

Wrapping Up

Let your personality shine through your social media posts. When done right, you can earn some loyal followers and clients. Start with these aforementioned tips, tweak your posts, and keep adding other real estate ideas as you progress. Make sure to encourage potential buyers to get engaged and ask for more information.


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