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We're 6 Months Old!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Somehow it has been 6 months since we launched. Since then we have:

  • Put over $7.3M in properties bought, sold, listed, or put under contract

  • Launched our 3 teams for our agents, Media, Success, & Solutions

  • Launched the brokers. Newsletter

  • Started our recruitment efforts for agents

To say I am beyond pleased with our growth in the first 6 months would be an understatement. Numbers are not remotely close to being the most important aspect, however $7.3M in 6 months, with only two agents - wow! We’ve launched another company dedicated to helping agents grow their business FOR FREE. We’ve clarified our business model and our team structure and so much more! Let’s see what all we have been up to over the first 6 months.

Solidifying our Model

SPEEK’s business model is operating differently from other real estate brokerages. Our customer is the agent, not the client. We are developing a company dedicated to helping agents grow their businesses and assess their needs. We knew the in-house teams (Media, Success, & Solutions) would be the basis of this, but we never thought of how much we could add to that.

Launching brokers.

brokers. is a free weekly newsletter that we are currently sending to agents in all kinds of brokerages and locations. Developing a product that is strictly to assist agents, not generate extensive capital or recruit for us has been an eye-opening experience as to what matters. We knew when we were putting together SPEEK’s original business model that we wanted to put the agent first, but it is quite amazing when you are dedicating your sole purpose to that, how much of an impact you can make on an agent’s well being.

*If you are an agent interested in subscribing to our brokers. Newsletter, click here.


As we have seen plenty of growth in our transactions this year, we decided a little over a month ago, it was time to see growth in our brokerage as well. We know that we only want to take a very specific agent who truly embodies everything we are at SPEEK (Sincere, Passionate, Empathetic, Enthusiastic, and Kind) so our recruitment strategy is not similar to a normal brokerage.

We want agents who are here to genuinely help their clients and make a difference in our Charlotte community. There are plenty of opportunities to chase commission and ignore your client's needs elsewhere. So, we aren’t in a hurry to fill our office with agents. Culture is our #1 priority and we want to make sure we can control that as much as possible while we have the opportunity.


We have been hard at work. Price record after price record for listings. We have been making quite the footprint in the luxury market. With 4 listings over $1M and one almost at $2M we are excited to see clients truly understand the difference our media team is making in the sale of their homes. We have a pretty cool story coming up on one of those million-dollar listings.

Even though luxury is awesome, we have had plenty of time to focus on those in other elements of the market. The low supply has been crazy, however, we have had plenty of time to show off our negotiation & strategy expertise with the offers we’ve been writing recently. We are applying some excellent strategies to get our clients in homes that otherwise they might have never had the opportunity to get before.

All in all, it has been an amazing first 6 months. However, there is truly only one reason why. You. The amount of outpouring love and support from those that have been with us from the beginning has been heartwarming to say the least. Launching a company has and never will be easy, but with you all by our side to root us on, it sure does make it easier. So, thank you from all of us here at SPEEK.

Your friend,


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