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The 7 Ways to Generate Leads on Linkedin

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for real estate agents. You have the opportunity to generate leads, connect with leaders in your industry, and navigate the platform just like any other social media website. Let’s learn more about all the strengths LinkedIn has and how you can generate leads on Linkedin.

LinkedIn has to be the best platform to get you in front of potential clients and connecting with others. The reason LinkedIn is so strong in comparison to Facebook, Instagram, etc. is that the platform is built for networking purposes. LinkedIn states it is the “largest professional network on the internet” and we should use that to our advantage.

  1. Generate a strong profile. Here is a quick checklist of things you will want to do:

  2. Upload profile and banner picture

  3. Fill out your “About” section

  4. Add work history

  5. Add your skills & endorsements

  6. Add your location

  7. Change your URL so it is personalized

  8. If you are looking for a strong profile - connect with SPEEK’s Will Hedrick, he has over 12,000 strong connections and a terrific profile to reference.

  9. Start building your network. First, connect with those you know. You can import your contacts and connect with friends, family members, past co-workers, and others in your firm or agents you have worked with.

  10. Make some posts. Post about who you are & what you do. If you are just starting your profile, it would be an excellent time to re-introduce yourself to your new connections and strike up some conversation. This is important for when you start making new connections, your profile will not be empty.

  11. Imagine your client base. Being able to accurately detail who your past clients were, and the clients you would like to work with, you now can start searching for people to connect with. If you would like to work with those in the Charlotte Metro area banking industry, search for those that work in certain companies.

  12. Connect with them and send them a message. It can be a simple introduction of yourself and offer to help if there is ever anything you can do. Taking the time to reach out will serve wonders. This is very similar to spending time doing cold calls. However, it is more welcoming, and the conversion rate is high in comparison.

  13. Stay engaged. Make sure that you spend just as much time liking and commenting as you are connecting with others. You know how important it is to build rapport - you can do it on social media it does not have to be face to face!

  14. Other connections. If you are thinking of building a team one day (or not), connecting with other agents in your market is another great way to network. Chances are at some point you will work together on a transaction.

That is the article! Short and sweet because we want you to jump on to LinkedIn and get started. We just launched our LinkedIn page, so connect with us and tag us in your posts. We would love to share and spread the love of all our brokers. Agents are doing!


Did you like the article? Our Success Team is dedicated to helping agents become better. Book a Free 30 minute consultation to talk about how you can better your business.

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