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The 6 Best Ways to Market Listings

Real estate isn’t just an industry; it is a lifestyle. Around 50% of buyers find their property on the internet, which means the competition is fierce in the real estate sector. So, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of marketing your real estate listings. To set yourself apart from the competition, you need an array of marketing skills.

Are you a real estate agent who wants to successfully market his/her listings? Then, here’s a catch: we’ve created a list of some of the most effective marketing ideas to boost your real estate listings. After implementing these ideas, your prospects are likely to start calling you; believe us.

1. Write Your MLS Description

It all began with an MLS Description. Because most prospects find your listings through an MLS, it is crucial to make it as effective as possible. Most of the time, realtors just copy/paste these descriptions into major platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but it’s better to write your own descriptions with some punch lines.

Though there are some limitations on the scope and length of MLS Descriptions, include some notable features with a descriptive listing copy to showcase the unique qualities of the property. .

2. Get High-Quality Listing Photos

In this digital-savvy world, people love seeing listing photos before buying a property. But the problem is that you are a real estate agency, not a professional photographer. So, invest in professional photography to create HDR images. These photos will not only help you market your listings, but also make you look like a dedicated realtor.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to shoot your own listing photos. Make sure you know different shooting techniques like proper staging and the use of natural or artificial lighting. Also, familiarize yourself with the secrets of amazing real estate listing photos, such as planning indoor and outdoor shots and improving curb appeal.

3. Use Emails for Sending Your Listing

Compared to Facebook or Twitter, email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers. It is one of the strongest lead generation tools for real estate listings. Because most leads check their emails, you can create an email format and a beautiful preview of the listing. This will help you leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. Also, include things like the property’s location, features, and a call-to-action in your emails. Make sure you don’t overload your email and include only one or two photos with a clear subject line.

However, be warned. There are plenty of issues that can come up from spam emails of listings. Our best recommendation is to create a powerful email including features, pictures, 3D tours, & more of the home to send to clients and other brokers.

4. Focus More on Social Media

Social media is probably the best place to do business; isn’t it? When you create some beautiful social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you get tointeract with a wider audience. There are a number of ways to use social media to amplify your marketing efforts. Here are a few suggestions:

For Facebook

• Start by creating a Facebook Business Page, which gives you access to added business capabilities.

• Develop a Facebook Event to invite your followers to check the listing.

• Make use of quality images in your Facebook Album to showcase your best properties.

• Develop a powerful video to share on your page and include a solid description in it.

• Consistently promote your listing in local real estate groups.

• Create your own group and invite colleagues, leads, and other businesses.

For Instagram

• Use a friendly photo on your profile and start integrating friends from other networks.

• Tag the location of your listing so that people can see what photos were taken at that particular location.

• Make use of descriptive language in your Instagram posts.

• Develop your Instagram stories around the property’s locale, features, and listing price.

• Encourage people to click the link in your bio, which gets them to your landing page.

• Include generic and local descriptive hashtags to expand the reach of your photos.

For LinkedIn

• Try to publish content daily with relevant links in your posts.

• In addition to your listing, post informative articles on different topics.

• Develop a Showcase Page to display your main listings for sale.

• Build strong local connections to broaden your audience reach.

• Use the Advanced Search feature to find potential leads in your area.

• Join local community groups and post the information related to your listings.

• Explore LinkedIn advertising to reach a wider audience.

For Twitter

• Schedule your posts related to your real estate listings during high-traffic times.

• Add photos or videos to your tweets to make them make more engaging.

• Make sure all your links lead back to your blogs, posts, landing pages, etc.

• Don’t forget to include local hashtags in your tweets.

• Advertise on Twitter to strengthen your marketing efforts.

5. Develop Special Landing Pages

To capture your leads’ information, you need a great landing page, which captivates your audience with great content, photographs, and videos. These pages add some unique value to your listing and help you receive a notification each time someone completes the form. Use an effective call-to-action to incite users to share their information. You can choose to offer a free download too, such as a buyer’s guide, to boost conversions.

6. Create a Virtual Tour of the Property

You know, your customers’ time is precious. They want to know as much as possible without even visiting the property. So, you can create a virtual tour to give them a comprehensivepreview of the property. Here, professionally edited videos would be great to create virtual tours. Make sure you upload these videos/tours on different social media platforms and blogposts.


As you can see, creating amarketing plan for your real estate listing has so many significances. It’s a vital ingredient of a successful real estate listing. The main point is, the more effectively you market your listings, the more leads you’ll get at the end of the day. So, keep these tips/ideas in mind while marketing your real estate listings.


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