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The Big 3: Speek Teams

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Speek is broken down into three teams. We did this because one of the principal statements in our mission is to give our agents “the best tools, connections, and creative freedom”. Our three teams are dedicated to innovating and changing the future of our agent's business and the real estate industry as a whole. Let’s learn more about our workhorses: Media, Success, & Solutions.


Speek Media.

Our media team is dedicated to first impressions. World-class creatives, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and many more are all members of this team. Anything that you see, Speek Media has had their hands on it. Not only are they here for all of the creative needs of the company, but their primary job is also dedicated to the needs of our agents.

The other half of our mission is towards the constant innovation of the real estate industry and their dedication towards setting a new standard is unprecedented. Constant experimentation in what will advance our agent’s business and change the standards is not cheap or easy. But we do the unordinary to secure future changing results.

Speek Success.

Success is here for the advancement of the business. No matter the venture they will find a way to make it happen. Similar to our media team, innovation and forward change are constant. The Speek Success team is filled with individuals and consultants that promote growth in our agent's business. Social media experts, branding and positing consultants, real estate business experts, and data analysts all work together on creating the most business possible for our agents and our company.

Speek Solutions.

The solution to everyones problem. Buying, selling, investing, and overall working in real estate process can be daunting and hard to keep track of. Our solutions team is filled with the best partners and transaction coordinators to make sure everything flows smoothly.

This three pronged approach was developed from years of experience out of our founding brokers. We want to make our agent's lives easy, efficient, productive, and constantly growing. But most importantly, we want our agents to run their business, how they want. Our goal is to shape agents into creative entrepreneurs that are owning and operating their businesses. We believe we must give them the best resources to do just that.

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