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How to Get Started in Real Estate (North Carolina)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

So you want to start your real estate journey? Well, the first steps happen before you even begin your first day.

Start Saving

This is a boring start to the article, but it is an important one. The most important part that top producers will unanimously agree on is that you need to dedicate yourself to the profession. Bouncing back and forth between a day job and working part-time in the field is not going to work. If it does, you are going to hate it. Prevent burnout by planning your transition into real estate. If you have to work part-time, you should have a goal and plan to work towards being full-time as a professional.

Required Education

The required education to get your license is going to depend on the state that you are in. In North Carolina, you will have to take a 75-hour course. Your exam then comes in two parts, state and national. After passing all of the required materials you are now eligible to start work. Research the process here.

Researching Firms

Start your research on local firms, teams, and agents that you would like to work alongside. Do not prioritize splits. If you are a brand new agent, you should look for a firm that is going to work with you in the following fields:

  • Professional Development

- A lot of firms have training programs. Look for one that will help you in the real world, not a bullshit class from the ’90s.

  • Teams/Top Producing Agents

  • Some firms might not have teams but, they might have top producing agents that could use a helping hand with some of their clients.

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Our biggest priority at SPEEK is empowering agents to develop their brands. Look for a brokerage that is going to allow you to do that. No more cookie-cutter templates.

  • In addition to growth opportunities for your brand, the brokerage should be expanding itself. Look for future projects where you could make an impact.

Personal Brand Starting Steps

Now that you have been in contact with a few firms and agents, whether you have interviewed (if required) or decided which firm you will work at it is time to start some of your branding work. Firstly, reserve your domain name. Go onto and get your domain name so that you can have it for a future website. Create a Facebook & Linkedin Page. Create other accounts you might use like Canva, Hootsuite, Wix, Monday, Dotloop, and More. Make sure you talk with your firm before paying for large plans - for example, if you work with us, we have a variety of these resources ready for you.

With all of your tools in place, now you can start talking about your journey in real estate. Make a few Instagram and Facebook posts announcing that you will be becoming a real estate agent. You cannot practice quite yet, but you can let people know you will be soon.

Create your Database

Utilize a CRM and start writing down names of those that you think would like to hear the news of you becoming a real estate agent. We use Facebook & Instagram to get the ball rolling, but we need a place to keep track of our activities with potential clients. This will become second nature and the backbone of your business.

Once you are licensed:

Now you have your license and are ready to practice. The first steps surround getting your name out as much as possible to start creating your first clients. Remember, we want to work for a team or a top producing agent so we can help them out and learn the ropes. They should help bring you clients, however, we want to start generating as much business as possible ourselves too:

  • Utilize Paid Facebook Strategies

  • This is the pinnacle for lead generation. Do some research or partner with someone in your office (we have our success team) to mentor you on how you can effectively generate leads.

  • Reach out to your Network

  • DM people on Linkedin

  • Call, Text, Email, Write letters to those who are on your list you wrote earlier.

  • Post on Social Media

  • Do not ask people to come work for you, provide value. Be helpful. Then they will bring you business.

Rinse & Repeat

When you are starting in real estate it is a numbers game. You need to get your name out there as much as possible. Build your brand so people will associate you with a real estate broker. It takes some time, but with patience and dedication, you will be a top-producing agent before you know it.

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