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How to Create a Custom Market Report for you Clients

Market reports are an excellent way to position yourself as a real estate expert for your current, past, and potential clients. The best part, market reports can be fairly easy to create.


The tools you need to create a stunning market report are most likely going to be free.

1. Canopy

First, you will need access to your MLS. For our example we will use the Canopy MLS. This is where we will be getting all of our data from.

2. Canva

The second tool we will be using is Canva. You do not need a subscription to use Canva, however if you are looking to have access to some extra stock photos the $12/mo could be worth it.

Retrieving the Data

The best part about Canopy is their sweet of tools that fetches all of the data we need to make market reports.

Fast Stats can be located in the REALTOR Tools dashboard

After clicking on fast stats you will be sent to the dashboard and you will see the options for the reports you can create.

From there, you can decide what type of market report you want to generate. The “standard” monthly report can be generated by clicking “local market updates” and choosing your region. It will generate a report similar to the one below:

Now, you have generated your report. You can wipe your hands and call it a day if you would like. However, we love to have personally branded market reports that really show off our expertise. There are plenty of real estate agents in Charlotte. This means there are plenty of market reports going around. We need to stand out.

Designing your Report

Below we will show some pictures from our market report. This market report is one of our simpler designs that we create monthly. Note how we simply redesigned and simplified some of the data. Here is what we in

Note how the data is actually just screenshotted from the Canopy MLS report. For the graphs, Canva has a simple tool that you can generate graphs and design yourself how they will look

Then we finish up with another landing page. We prefer to keep a simplistic and minimal look but you can change your designs however much you like.

Other tips:

Search through the other market reports and see what you can find. There are plenty of eye catching statistics other agents and firms might not mention in their market reports they are creating.


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