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How I made my clients an extra $105,000: 356 Baltimore Trails Ln

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This transaction is a testimony to everything we are doing at SPEEK. Here’s why:

  • 356 Baltimore Trails Ln was previously listed for $995,000. It stayed on the market for 433 days. It went unsold.

  • We listed the home for $1,099,990. It went under contract in 117 days.

  • We made them an extra $104,990 and saved them almost 10 months. Here’s how we did it:

356 Baltimore Trails Ln is by no means a normal home - not even a normal luxury home. Sitting on over 18 acres, in an equestrian neighborhood, with ongoing neighborhood construction, filters out a wide amount of potential buyers. In addition, the unique upstairs floor plan with long hallways and two bonus rooms (check it out: weaves out another large portion of the general buyer pool. In addition, my clients did not want open houses, and the driveway was very private. Not many were going to drive by and see the home. We knew that this was going to require our best to sell, this is what our marketing package looked like:



  • We filmed a SNEEK PEEK Signature Series Tour at 356. This video landed thousands of views across social media platforms. It is a quick walk-through with myself pointing out all of the ins & outs of the home.

3D Tour

  • The 3D tour is a customer favorite and one of my favorite features of our website's listing page. These are extremely useful with relocations as they can get a sense of what it is like being in the home without actually being there. In addition, potential buyers can spend time measuring within the 3D tour areas to see if their furniture will fit in certain places. An excellent feature that we assure to get so buyers can feel at home.


  • Of course, photos are extremely important. These photos were stunning. We made sure to get high-quality photos in addition to the drone pictures to show off the 18.29 acres that this home sits on. We make sure that our photos are the highest quality so that we can catch the eyes of anyone scrolling by on social media or in their Zillow/Realtor feed.


Social Media (Paid)

  • Our paid social media strategy is one of the biggest tactics that we use to drive traffic to our listings. Most importantly, we can target relocation clients across the world. We knew this was going to be a special listing and our chances of landing a relocation client we believed were high. Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina were our highest traffic states outside of North Carolina.

Personal Network & Newsletter

  • In addition to our paid social media strategy, I was able to constantly promote 356 to my network of around 14,000 people on social media. Alongside social media, my monthly email newsletter features my notable listings every month - and my subscribers love it. We featured the SNEEK PEEK and a few photos and were able to drive traffic through there also.


Follow Up/Feedback

  • To my surprise, agents do not follow up with those appointments they have at their listings. Feedback is an indication as to what is going on at your listing and can help indicate a variety of things, especially price decreases if needed. Which we did. We peaked in traffic and noticed a downward trend in the home. We knew they wanted to sell and we dropped the price to $1,099,990. Instead of waiting and letting the listing grow cobwebs, we jumped the gun, updated our marketing tactics, and got the new and improved listing price in front of as many people as possible - especially those that have previously seen the home.

So what is the moral of the story? Spend the time to interview the agents and firms that you are potentially going to work with. I am biased and think that we are the best firm filled with the best agents (it’s true), but you need to take the time to see what your options are.

On to the next one.

Your friend,

Will Hedrick


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