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Brokers. Newsletter: What to expect

Introducing the brokers. Newsletter. Start your week strong. Every Monday at 9:00am, tips, tricks, knowledge, and stories are going to be sent straight to your inbox to grow your business and better serve your clients.


Real estate is an ever-changing world. Innovate or die. As agents, we have plenty of competition of others to beat, and then we have our tech firms and companies that are attempting to get rid of the broker completely. We must continue to up our games to stay afloat, much less excel.

What is going to be in the newsletter?

Because real estate is such a diverse world I am fairly confident that we will not be running out of things to include. Articles on how to write stronger offers in low inventory, the newest piece of tech, media strategy, and so much more. We want it to be content that you are going to use and we believe in.

Who is writing the newsletter?

At the moment, we do not have a dedicated reporter/journalist/writer for the newsletter. For the time being I, Will Hedrick, will be writing the newsletter and working with some of the industries best to write our stories. Eventually, we will be getting individuals from all elements of SPEEK to assist in the writing of the newsletter.

Do I have to pay to join the newsletter?

No. Simple as that.

Who is the newsletter for?

Anyone in the real estate business or someone who wants to get into the real estate business. We want to cater this content to agents that want to get better, so that is exactly what we are going to do. However, because real estate is a sales job, if you work in the sales field I am sure you will get some value from the newsletter. We have plenty of other projects in the works for others in real estate-related fields.

Where can I sign up?

Navigate to the brokers. Page on SPEEK’s website and simply input your email address. We’ll handle the rest.

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