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5 Secrets to Landing more Listings in Charlotte

The most efficient way to grow your business as a real estate agent is through listings. Spreading yourself thin traveling from Mooresville to Ballantyne with buyers is not only inefficient, but it also is not realistic. Listings allow you to utilize the buyer’s agents in your market to bring you business instead of the opposite. Focusing on this automated aspect of business will not only give you more free time to spend on work, but you might also even be able to take a few days off (maybe). Let’s learn some of the best ways that we can land more listings and automate your business.

Develop a Strategy

  • Any type of prospecting has to have a strategy because jumping from one idea to the other is not going to work. There is no right or wrong answer towards what strategy you want to pursue, however choosing multiple ways to prospect that you can become very strong in is an excellent way to go. An example strategy would be to create social media ads, invest in quality social media posts, and in-person networking with your sphere of influence. Here are some ideas that you can find leads:

  • Sphere of influence

  • Social Media (Ads + Posts)

  • Networking Events

  • Door Knocking

  • FSBO’s

  • Expireds

  • When it comes down to choosing a strategy it relies on the ones that you know will stick to. Each strategy will have its pros and cons. Choosing something that you believe will highlight your strengths is extremely important. Door knocking is in no way sexy or appealing - however, it is an efficient way to get in-person conversations. Social media is very easy to automate, however going from social media lead to in-person appointments is a rocky road. Develop a plan and stick to it. The only way you will get better results is by learning what works for you and what does not.

The unfortunate secret

  • Being successful in real estate comes down to being top of mind. Borderline, a popularity contest. Fill your network with as many people as possible and when they enjoy your presence and being around you, they will recommend you to others. There is a reason so many people harp on the importance of creating relationships instead of focusing on the transaction - it's because it works.

Create something Unique to get attention

  • There are over 12,000 agents in Charlotte so standing out along the way is extremely important. The chances that you are the only agent that will be in contact with a seller at any point in time is very slim. You do not need to reinvent the wheel and most importantly you do not need to cut commission to stand out.

  • Every single person in the real estate world offers home valuations and tells every single client that Zestimates are not accurate. However, for the ease of being able to instantly see it, clients do not care. We need to still offer home valuations, however, that is not going to be a strong strategy to gain clients' attention.

The List Pitch

  • The most important thing to know about your listing pitch is that it started way before you were at the appointment. Make sure that you have a clear brand through all of your social media, website, and any communication you have had with the client. Trust us, they will do their homework before you step into their home.

  • Make sure your list pitch is something unique to them. You do not have to re-create a custom 20-page pitch every time, however, having a custom cover page or introduction page can go a long way. Making your potential clients feel cared for before you even list their home is going to set the tone for your work ethic and professionalism later.


  • If there is one thing we can accredit a long of our brokers. Agents’ success to, its following back up with their potential clients. Real estate is an industry where it takes months or even years to finally put a deal together. Instant gratification can be thrown out the window. Make sure that you follow up with your potential seller clients and help them with their needs, not just bother them asking if they are ready to put their house on the market yet.

  • One of the best ways to make an impression is to send your potential clients a gift. It does not have to be anything serious. The best thing you can do is get to the point in a conversation where you can start to pick up on some of your potential client's interests and custom tailor your gift to that interest.

All of these tips come together to create a system that can help you excel forward and get more listings. Here is a quick summary of the things we discussed:

  • Develop a strategy to contact potential sellers that will work for YOU

  • Stay top of mind through in-person contacts & social media

  • Create unique lead magnets and marketing materials to get the potential sellers attention

  • Clean up your brand. Before you walk into a potential seller's door they will have done their homework.

  • Customize your pitch to your sellers

  • Follow up with the potential sellers and send them a gift.

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