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We find land, connect you with builders, assist in choosing floorplans, conducting consistent walk-throughs, and navigate contracts just for you as a New Construction Client. 

At Speek, we love our buyers. The process is completely about you. We have various tools, applications, and guides to help you every step of the way. 

Access our full suite of tools for all of your buying needs via our resources page. Click the button below to go to our resources page, or fill out the form to connect with your agent. We would love the opportunity to work together. 


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Access our analytical network to make the best decisions regarding your development. 


Data-driven decisions on finish colors, bed/bath numbers, and pricing make the sales process predictable. 

Partner with us to access our innovative network of brokers and teams. 

Sales is in our DNA. We will get you top dollar while keeping you informed and supported along the way. 


Our Success Team is yours. Plan your next site, position your branding, and so much more. 

The future of your company can be built upon an understanding of real estate unlike any other.


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We do not ask for handouts. We believe that we are the best real estate company in the world and want to prove it to you. 

Schedule a pitch to walk you through a custom plan dedicated to your new development and company's growth and success. 

We custom create every single pitch for you, your company, and your projects. We'll discuss everything from branding/positioning of the project, your Speek Media Team creative plan, and various Speek Success analytics for future growth.

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