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Wood Frame of House


For the One-of-a-Kind

Create your Team. 

Building can take some extra people you’ll need to work alongside. Architectural firms, builders, lenders, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and bankers are just a few. We partner with the best professionals in every field. We will be happy to connect you.

Choose your Route. 

Building typically has two routes: find a plot and build on it, or construct your home within a development. Decide which is best for you by talking to your Speek agent and the builder. 

Start designing. 

After deciding where and how you are going to build, it is time to start designing. Whether using an architectural firm or a builder’s plans, they will be there to help you through the designing process. 

Break Ground. 

The time has finally come. The first step of any home build is creating a buildable lot. After the lot is prepared, construction will begin. 


Make sure to check in on the home and all progress. Your Speek agent will stay in touch with the builders and contractors and relay all information and pictures to you. 

Selling your Home? 

If you have a previous home to sell, plan accordingly. View all of our seller’s resources to gain more information on the process of selling your home, insights on where you are moving, and valuations of your real estate.

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